Tuesday, September 16, 2008

schoolgirl and a rant

something new i worked on this weekend.whats the rant?
this was a concept i worked on for someone who works in Dhaka,Bangladesh.i was a 3rd party person it wasnt my concern as to how comw an italian firm landed up making an outsourcing unit in Dhaka of all places.anyways, i made this an sent.the guy who was correpondin to us said that he wanted an anime look and wen he got this he outrightly rejected it sayin he wants "Manga look but in anime style" !?!?! WTF??
He said he had sent a ref with the 2nd concept that i was supposed to make and wen i saw that i went ballistic.that was an idea which was somethin lik simplfied dumb lookin char.F#$ker didnt knew the diff between DBZ and Simpsons and was talkin lik he was doin a favor.my employer was upset with this too ans she mailed this matter to the italian firm.i hope she said that the guy was a d!ck.anyways i feel better now taking it out.see you soon


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